Friday, 27 November 2009

Presentation Skills Training Types Available

Online there are many public speaking, presentation skills training and courses available. There are basically 3 types of training provided;

Instantly downloaded or streamed presentations skills training. This includes e-books, audio or video. The training is usually instantly available and you can get going straightaway with improving your presenting and public speaking skills. There is normally limited support from the publisher. The price usually less than the other types of training.

Next there are membership sites that offer presentation skills training. They include the above resources, normally in a streamable format. In addition there is a forum where it is possible to discuss questions about public speaking and presenting, as well as related topics. The sites are updated on a regular basis with new information and resources. There will usually be an ongoing charge to continue to access to the resources and support.

The final presentation skills training type is offline training, to be discussed in my next post.

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